Refurbished HP Designjet 3000cp Plotter printer 54 inch C4723A

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Certified Remanufactured printer with new belt and 60 days warranty.

How is the printer refurbished?

  1. Plotter has been completely refurbished, Calibrated then restored to factory settings.
  2. New belt installed
  3. The network card is reset to IP ready to install. (only if printer has network ption)
  4. Printer is then heavly tested from every tray.
  5. Printer is then cleaned and/or painted.
  6. Printer is packed securly from every corner in a double wall box.
  7. 60 days warranty is issued with hassle free returns.

All our printers are heavly tested before shipping. Packaged with Bio-Degradable foam on every corner and a warranty issued,

  • Don't buy a used printer that was simply tested and cleaned; It will only last for a couple of months.

Warranty information:


This printer comes with 60 days warranty. Guaranteed non DOA. If the printer arrives with any problems and you would like to return it, kindly open a return request. We will honor it. We pay shipping if printer is DOA or broke during shipping. Free phone printer network setup available for free.

Phone Number: 631-750-5276

How does the trade in program works

  1. Choose your trade in model from the list
  2. the price of the printer will get discounted automatically
  3. Add to cart and proceed
  4. The new printer will come with a free prepaid return shipping label
  5. pack your old printer in the same box you received
  6. use the label provided to ship it back to us


Do I have to do a trade in when purchasing?

no, Trade ins are optional

Do I pay shipping on trade ins?

no, We pay shipping on trade ins,We provide a free shipping return label

does it have to be working?

no, We take it as is

I have more than one trade in,Can i trade them in

we only take one trade in per purchase

I have one trade in but i am purchasing two printers, how can i do that?

choose your trade in and then add the item to cart, Then return back and add the second item without the trade in

My trade in is not in the list

call us to check if we take your trade in

Why are your prices higher than other printers sold on eBay or amazon?

We have been in business for 10 years. Our prices maybe are a little more than others, but our overhead is much higher due to the amount of work done on each printer sold. Many sellers simply copied our description and sell their cleaned used printers as completely refurbished

Can you help me install the printer / network the printer?

yes, we helped hundreds of customers 

Do you have good customer feedback, can I check it?

Check our feedback on eBay, We have 100% positive feedback.

Check our feedback

More Information
Mfg Part # C4723A
Plotter Details Product features
The HP Designjet 3000cp printer is intended for use with an external hardware or software RIP.
Additional features include:

12 MB of standard memory (expandable to 68 MB)
54-inch wide format printing up to 150 feet long
Media take-up reel and automatic cutter
600 dpi

Recommended cables
The following cables are recommended for optimum performance and electromagnetic compatibility:
Item HP part number
PC IEEE compatible/Centronics Interface (All) C2951A
UNIX (R) Parallel (IEEE compatible/Centronics) Interface (All) C2951A
Media specifications
Roll media part numbers for North America and Latin America
Media type 24 inches 36 inches 42 inches 54 inches
HP Coated Paper C6019B C6020B C6559B C6560B
HP Heavyweight Coated Paper C6021B C6022B C6561B C6562B
HP Semi-Gloss Photo Paper C6023A C6024A C6563A C6564A
HP High-Gloss Photo Paper C6025A C6026A C6565A C6566A
HP Banners with Tyvek C6786A C6787A not applicable C6789A
Roll media part numbers for Europe, Asia-Pacific and Japan
Media type 610 mm 914 mm 1067 mm 1372 mm
HP Coated Paper C6027A C6028A C6567A C6568A
HP Heavyweight Coated Paper C6029A C6030A C6569A C6570A
HP Semi-Gloss Photo Paper C6031A C6032A C6571A C6572A
HP High-Gloss Photo Paper C6033A C6034A C6573A C6574A
HP Banners with Tyvek C6786A C6787A Not applicable C6789A
Media handling
Media size Width (carriage axis) Length (media axis)
Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum length of long axis plot on:
Roll 210 mm (8.3 inches) 1371mm (54 inches) 210 mm (8.3 inches) Depending on the media. Some examples are shown below.

Coated paper: 45.7m (150 ft)

HP Heavy weight Coated paper: 30.48m (100ft).
Sheet 210 mm (8.3 inches) A/A4 831 mm (32.7 inches) E/A0 263 mm (10.3 inches) A/A4 1.6 m (63 inches)
Ink system part numbers
HP Designjet CP Ink System HP Designjet CP Ink System UV
Color Part number Part number
Black C1806A C1892A
Cyan C1807A C1893A
Magenta C1808A C1894A
Yellow C1809A C1895A
The HP Designjet 3000cp can work with the two different ink systems: the HP Designjet cp Ink System using dye-based inks and the HP Designjet cp Ink System UV using pigmented inks. The former is intended for the highest-quality prints, with no fading for years in indoor light; the latter has been specifically developed for applications requiring enhanced outdoor and indoor lightfastness.
12 MB of standard memory (4 MB in the main board plus one 8 MB SIMM), plus an additional 4 MB of printing memory, which is reserved for the printer and cannot be utilized by the end-user.
Two SIMM slots available make the total expandable to 68 MB.
Mode Resolution
Photo 600-dpi
Productivity 300-dpi
Economy 300-dpi
The HP Designjet 3000cp printers are designed for an average of 10 to 20 prints per day. However, they can handle 40 to 50 prints per day for occasional, or unexpected, project deadlines.
Interface specifications
Parallel (IEEE-1284 compatible/Centronics) Interface
The connector on the HP Designjet 3000cp printer is a 36-pin female.
Most existing parallel cables support Bi-Tronics communication, but for use with this printer, the cable must meet the specification in this table.
Pin Wire/Signal name Source
1 Strobe computer
2 to 9 D0 to D7

(data lines) both
10 Ack printer
11 Busy printer
12 PError printer
13 Select

(SelectOut) printer
14 AutoFd computer
16 GND
19 … 30 GND
31 Init computer
32 Fault printer
36 SelectIn computer
Physical specifications
Weight Length Depth Height
Packed Unit

(with take up reel and legs assembly) 197 kg

(433 lbs) 2265 mm

(69.7 in) 670 mm

(26 inches) 1190 mm

(46 inches)
Printer assembled and ready to print 100 kg

(220 lbs) 2008 mm

(78 inches) 672 mm

(26 inches) 1220 mm

(48 inches)
Electrical specifications
Characteristic Specification
Source 100-240 volts ac (Vac)

plus or minus 10 percent Autoranging
Frequency 50-60 hertz (Hz)
Current 2 amp maximum
Consumption 120 watts maximum
Energy Star rating

(USA) Maximum power in idle state: 45 watts.
Environmental specifications
Environmental Operating Range Optimal print quality: 15 to 30 degrees Celsius (C)

(59 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit (F))
Standard: 15 to 35 degrees C

(59 to 95 degrees F) except glossy media: 15 to 30 degrees C

(59 to 86 degrees F)
Operating Relative Humidity: 20 to 80 percent Noncondensing
Storage ranges 95 percent humidity -40 to 70 degrees C

(-40 to 158 degrees F)
Printhead and Printhead Cleaners stored in the HP Designjet CP Ink System Storage Container:

Temperature: 15 to 35 degrees C (59 to 95 degrees F) at 20 to 80 percent Relative Humidity
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